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Pronunciation problems! - Adrian Pike discusses the challenges faced by both students and tutors when dealing with the often-thorny issue of pronunciation.

For most students particularly those not born within the traditional 'native' English speaking countries pronunciation of certain vocabulary can be quite a challenge even the most adept students.

The English language is literally full to the rafters of words, phrases, terminology, and sayings which cause confusion and panic among those trying to master the tongue twisting roller coaster ride that is English.

Moreover, the introduction of new words, technology, acronyms, and the like together with the acute differences with Canadian, American, Australian and British English make students lives even harder!

For several months now I have held an English-Speaking Club in Odesa, Ukraine which is a country that has an ever-increasing demand for English, as it continues to develop its collaboration with other international communities, industries, and countries. These clubs were developed initially to bring together local communities who wished to improve their English skills and have an opportunity to ‘chin wag’ with a native English speaker.

The focus has and will continue to be all embracing covering Reading, Writing, Listening as well as speaking. From my experience there are many who can understand the written word but struggle when asked to speak (often this comes from fear of failure especially in group settings) and when asked to write on the blackboard they often find it extremely challenging.

I have tended to veer away from the traditional handouts- snakes and ladders etc which albeit quite fun are a little old hat for todays budding IT driven Ukrainians! To make lessons for informative and most of all interesting have used a mixture of Speaking exercises- Interview practice; I’m a salesman and you’re the customer; the travel guide game and ‘all about you’ discussions.

For the writing asking the students to work in pairs and write down the answers to questions is a good method and then the partner checks the answers and vice versa giving each the opportunity to learn and make corrections where required supported by the tutor.

For listening Movie clips are a solid favourite especially Mr Bean(humour can translate into any language!) and questions are asked to improve English memory and listening carefully to the actors on the screen.

The speaking exercises change weekly and I like to give all students the floor to improve confidence and also work in pairs or as a collective to bring about better understanding and at the same time improve communication.

Back to pronunciation, there are countless words out there that are commonly used in everyday conversations where non-native English speakers can really struggle.

In a recent class which had a mixture of Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and advanced levels I challenged the to read out the following words:

• Chocolate

• Crisps

• Tuesday

• Wednesday

• Gateaux

• Recipe

• Chaos

• Almond

• Etc.

• Jewellery*

• Queue

• Comfortable

• Architecture

• Enthusiastic

• Photographer

*(British spelling)

Try these at home with your family and friends to see how you get on!

The most enjoyable part for me as an English Tutor is seeing the improvements week on week, interacting with them , dealing with questions relating to English for home or at work, listening to stories an getting feedback.

English is a challenging but also very rewarding experience and I wish all students out there the very best of luck with your endeavours an remember the pronunciations!

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