Приклад есе (16) для Academic IELTS

An increasing number of children are overweight which could result in many problems when they grow older in terms of their health and health care costs. Why do you think so many children are overweight?


There are a lot of different views on this question. On the one hand, some people believe that we really have such a serious problem as humans are overweight and children are obese, in particular. Whereas, on the other hand, the other part of our society does not realize that we have this problem and, consequently, they do not consider any steps to prevent this really existing problem. We will try to discuss several main roots of this unhealthy trend below.

First of all, it is quite important to talk about the main reasons for this problem. From my perspective, the major point here is a sedentary style of life. It is valuable to emphasize that we were not born with this trouble but we are acquiring it during our life. Secondly, I think that such things like unhealthy food and the lack of exercises also have a huge impact.

In this way, the best choice which we can take is to destruct the root of the issues that I have written above. We should start by realizing the problem itself. In continuation, we need to find ways how to promote sports activities and a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, the propaganda will take its place and a lot of people will take a decision not to be lazy and fat but to be strong and live a better life. These simple rules may change the situation crucially.

In conclusion, I want to admit that in our modern time we have a significant increase in totally important areas like science and technologies. Thus, we need to develop an effective strategy of how to make this mastery useful for us. From my point of view, we live in a changeable world which is full of opportunities. As a result, I believe that problems like this one can be resolved in a better way if we pursue to apply these new approaches with flying colors.


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