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To what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable?

Some people believe that we should use animals in scientific researches, whereas others feel that something is wrong with this approach and we must take particular steps to change this situation.

First of all, I want to say that this is a totally sensitive question for every savvy person on our planet and we need to be ultimately careful of our ideas and suggestions to discuss such problems as this one.

It is obvious that we cannot deny using animals in different scientific researches because the results of these studies influence on our everyday life and I believe that this is clear for most people who want to discuss topics like this one. We also need to realize that, nowadays, we actually have one way to check the results of scientific research and how it can influence our body. This approach is to use animals. It is sad, but it is true and I totally agree that we need to work on this problem. We need to understand that it is our responsibility as humans and it is unacceptable that in our modern time we use such barbarian methods.

In conclusion, I want to say that in the current situation we need to change the focus from progress in medicine, for example, to methods on how to significantly decrease a number of animals in scientific experiments. I believe that this should be the main request from our society to the government next year because this is not only a moral obligation, but it also shows the level of our humanity.

Автор: Маркіян Т.

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