Приклад есе (41) для Academic IELTS

The development of technology has influenced the ways people interact with each other. What do you think are the main changes in the types of interactions people have? Do you think this is positive or negative?

Over the past few decades, applied science and engineering have achieved new heights, introducing new methods of communication which are increasingly being used by a lot of people. This essay will discuss the impact of this trend on everyday life and will put forward the notion that this phenomenon has had a negative effect on society. An analysis of the peculiarities of remote communication and people's attitude towards making acquaintances will prove the above-mentioned position.

Electronic gadgets and the Internet have certainly revolutionized the way in which people make new connections and keep in touch with each other. This is because, nowadays, one can easily call and text his or her friends and relatives even if they are located on the opposite side of the Earth. Indeed, I can have conversations with my mother on Skype by the press of one button. Also, it has become easier to connect with new people via social networks such as Facebook. Not only can these be used for finding childhood friends but they can also be immensely useful for one's professional life. As an example, I found my last job on LinkedIn.

In spite of these considerations, I am convinced that the technological revolution poses a threat to healthy relationships. In the first place, people are less motivated to spend quality time with each other these days due to the fact that chatting or making video calls is more convenient and less time-consuming than real-life meetings. Moreover, some people tend to make acquaintances online instead of going out and socializing. Although they maintain that the Internet can substitute for the sense of intimacy, they may find themselves feeling unfulfilled despite having plenty of friends on Twitter and Instagram.

In conclusion, the development of information technology has certainly changed everyday interactions. After analyzing the subject, it has become quite evident that new methods of communication allow anyone to exchange information with each other in an easy way. However, I firmly believe that this has had an adverse effect on society due to the fact that too many people are forgetting what face-to-face conversation is. 

Автор: Маркіян Т.

Редакція не несе відповідальності за наповнення блогів, вони є персональною думкою автора

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