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Some people believe that arts like music and painting should not be funded by the government. Others believe that these are important for society and need government funding. Do you agree or disagree?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


There are different opinions in regard to the question of whether the public sector should invest money in a creative industry. It is often argued that creative endeavors should be funded on a residual basis. This essay will put forward the notion that such investments can yield both economic and educational dividends. An analysis of the contribution of art to the prosperity of a nation will make a case for the above-mentioned position. 

There is no doubt that art has a positive effect on the welfare of almost any country. Events such as exhibitions and film festivals make a significant amount of money which allows many public and private companies to thrive; some part of the income is then returned to the government as taxes. From my knowledge, a number of sparsely populated European cities survive mainly because of cultural tourism. Indeed, I can vividly remember how my parents often spent money on sightseeing tours and classical paintings and fine artwork when I was young. 

Another reason I support investment in creativity is that it provides a positive influence on youths. By supporting the arts, governments can promote a skilled workforce which would be noticeably more ingenious and used to thinking outside the box; there is no doubt that studying the humanities in general and the arts, in particular, broadens one's horizons as well as develops the skill of creative thinking. Moreover, learning the sense of beauty is a critical factor in the nature of thoughtful and civic-minded children. Personally, although I had always been fascinated by exact sciences, I used to admire sensitive yet sensible students who were good at visual arts.

In conclusion, I completely agree that nations should find the arts since there are strong grounds for subscribing to this view. After analyzing the subject, it has become quite evident that such investments are extremely important in regard to the welfare of citizens and liberal education. Given this, it seems that governments should aim to increase the budget allocated to creative industries.

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