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There are different opinions in regard to the question of whether television can help parents and teachers with the education of young boys and girls. Many people subscribe to the view that the mass media cannot have a positive effect on adolescents. This essay will put forward the notion that TV can be an effective, favorable and beneficial tool which can help adults and educators and parents in particular to teach youths about various areas of knowledge. An analysis of the usefulness of educational programs and the influence of other telecasts on children and adolescents will prove the above-stated position. 

The main reason why the role of television in the learning process should not be ignored is that there is a diversity of informative shows and programs which are eminently fascinating and interesting. By watching them, the youth of today can study exact sciences such as math, chemistry, and physics in an easy way. Indeed, producers of various educational shows are doing their best to make their products engaging for children. An illustrative example of this is that I used to watch the Discovery channel in my adolescence because I was genuinely impressed by its series and it had a positive say in my life. 

Another reason why adults should encourage youths to watch TV is that this can broaden children's horizons and make them swim against the tide. In fact, talk shows, the news, and even soap operas teach people about different perspectives and can provide positive role models. Consequently, television can play an important role in the molding of a child's wisdom and erudition. A teen who watches different shows is more likely to become a well-rounded, versatile personality and be a real jack-of-all-trades. 

In conclusion, I completely agree that TV can accelerate the learning process. Not only can youths know more about specific subjects from educational telecasts, but they can also understand and be aware of what life is about. After analyzing the subject, it has become quite evident that adults should motivate, encourage and egg on children to watch exciting and captivating programs in their spare time. 

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