Приклад есе (50) для Academic IELTS

Some people believe that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools, others believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

There are different opinions and thoughts with regard to the question of whether adults should send their children to a regular or single gender school. While some parents believe that studying in a mixed class is more beneficial and useful for youths, others subscribe to the opposite view. The debate over this topic seems to consist of two irreconcilable camps. Both sides of the argument will be analyzed and highlighted before a logical conclusion is made and drawn and my own perspective is given. 

From one point of view, there are several apparent benefits and advantages of attending a coeducational school. In the first place, the environment is representative of real life because both genders interact and socialize on a daily basis. Young boys and girls learn how to communicate with each other, which is very essential and important social skill. Also, some students fall in love with their classmates and peers and build their first romantic relationships, which may later develop into marriage. it is certainly true that such couples are less likely to divorce than lovers who barely know each other. 

From another perspective, staying in a single-sex school have a dramatically positive effect on adolescents. This is because each gender requires a different educational method and is interested in specific subjects. For example, boys are usually more enthusiastic about exact sciences such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry than the humanities whereas girls enjoy studying subjects such as history and geography. On top of that, discipline problems may be solved by separating male and female students. Indeed, some boys act aggressively towards their peers in order to influence and impress their crush. 

In conclusion, there are merits to both sides of the argument over whether children should attend a single-sex or coeducational school. However, after doing thorough research and analyzing the two sides of the disputable issue, my personal view is that there are more advantages, benefits and positive sides of staying in a mixed class than among same-gender peers. This can prepare children, juveniles, and teenagers for their future life and may allow them to find a life partner. 

Автор: Маркіян Т.

Редакція не несе відповідальності за наповнення блогів, вони є персональною думкою автора

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Ментальні вправи у кундаліні-йозі

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Автор: Тарас Г.

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Автор: Соломія Я.

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Автор: Лілія Ш.

Фундамент жизни и вокала. Развиваем правильное дыхание

Основы вокального дыхание, виды дыхания, опора. Функционально значение работы диафрагмы и упражнения помогающие почувствовать диафрагму и научится управлять ею.

Автор: Анастасія М.

Ідіоми англійською про сніг і тематична підбірка «Ялинкові прикраси»

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Автор: Тарас Ш.