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Марганецька 24, Киев



О себе

I've been using English for more than 10 years for communicating with componies' clients majority of which are native speakers. My teaching experience is quite limited as it was mainly done for my relatives. I'm making accent on spoken English, but it doesn't mean that other aspects of it are ignored. I'm good at teching all the English skills. I believe my teaching will be especially useful for those who study IT stuff as I have lots of experience in that area and can teach programming skills (.NET, C#, SQL, web techologies (like HTML, CSS) in parallel durin our English classes. Plus I was living in England for more than a year and that fact can also make your English much better espeically pronounciation skills. People who wants to pass IELTS can also benefit learnign English with me as I have real experience of passing IELTS as shown in the attached screenshot. I'm looking forward to having classes together)


Харьковский национальный университет радиоэлектроники, специалист, 2006


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