Косяк Людмила Николаевна




Русский язык, Мировая литература


170 грн/час


более 1 года


Разговорный язык, Деловой и бизнес язык, Носитель языка, Грамматика, Школьная программа 5-9 классы, Школьная программа 10-11 классы

Места проведения занятий:

На выезде:

Харьковская обл., Харьков:

Шевченковский (ж/м 339, ж/м 335, ж/м 336, ж/м 337, ж/м 338, ж/м 1, ж/м 2, ж/м 5, ж/м 6)

Киевский (Северная Салтовка 2, Северная Салтовка 3, Северная Салтовка 4, Северная Салтовка 5, ж/м 522, поселок Жуковского, Шишковка, Даниловка, Журавлевка)

В репетитора: Харьковская обл., Харьков, ж/м 522, проул. Суденческий, 6

Занятия по скайпу: нет

Учебное заведение:

Харьковский национальный университет имени В.Н. Каразина (2015)



Дипломы, отличия и другое:


Hello everyone, My name is Liudmyla Kosiak, I am a Russian Language teacher for foreigners. Got a high degree and qualified as a Teacher of Russian language and literature in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Actually I am
taining in preparatory faculty in KhNAHU. And also got experience for 1 year as as a personnal teacher. Offering classes 2-3 times a week, class of 90 minutes non stop (we choose when it is suitable for both of us). If you are willing
to work hard, you will be able to notice a very good evolved level and good results only after 3-4 months. And now you will be able to express your thoughts and emotions in Russian language easily, and also everyone would be able to
fully understand you. My classes will be done with one language only, I will be teaching Russian language with Russian language. It is not difficult as it sounds, but in the other hand it is very effective and can make you achieve good
resultats much faster. The fees are for one class of 1.5/hours(1 full class) - 10$.