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Англійська мова


100 грн/год


більше 2 років


Шкільна програма 5-9 класи, Підготовка до ЗНО, Підготовка до ДПА, TOEFL, IELTS, Університетські курси, Розмовна мова, До співбесіди в посольстві, Рівень А1-А2 (Beginner, Elementary), Рівень B1-B2 (Intermediate), Репетитор для початківців, Ділова та бізнес мова, Підготовка до вступу за кордон, Граматика, Рівень C1-C2 (Advanced, Proficiency)

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У репетитора: Закарпатська обл., Свалява, Київська 19/6

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SEVS (2014)



I would like to get a position where I can use my language skills and where I will be able to enhance my knowledge

Summarize your background and most valuable attributes.
Using concrete examples, explain to potential employers precisely what you will be able to do for them.
Describe your unique gifts and strengths. Write this section last, as it is often the most difficult to write.

1999-2009 Svaljavas Gymnasium


Bachelor Degree in International relations,
Uzhhorod National University ( Uzhhorod, Ukraine )

Bachelor Degree in European law and legal studies
Uzhhorod National University ( Uzhhorod, Ukraine )


Master degree in International relations
University Of Central Europe ( Skalica, Slovakia )

Master Degree in International relations
Uzhhorod National University ( Uzhhorod, Ukraine )

Job Experience
2012-2014 Head of Research Students Union of the faculty of International

Responsible for organization of students scientific work, organization of conferences, monitoring current number of publications, editor of scientific digest

2014-2015 AMES (American English School),Teacher (English). Teaching English ( general and specialized), attraction of new students and corporate clients

Languages Knowledge
• Native Ukrainian
• Fluent Russian
• Fluent English
• Basic German
• Basic Czech
• Intermediate Hungarian

Computer & Technical Skills
• Above average skills in MS Office suite including Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Open Office, Google Chrome, NX2, Lightroom .
• Able to use MS Access.
• Excellent skills in preparing and maintaining spreadsheets.
• Business correspondence writing letters and memos, editing for content, spelling and grammar.
• Able to learn new software applications with ease.
• Knowledgeable in office equipment such as computer, scanner, copier, fax machine.
• Well-organized and efficient.
• Self-motivated, assertive and can quickly learn new procedures and methods.
• Professional demeanor.
• Dependable – can work without supervision; able to follow directions, both oral and written.
• Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines…..

Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills
• Work well with a diverse group of people.
• Honest, friendly, excellent communication skills.
• Demonstrated accuracy, and attention to detail.
• Work well in a team environment.
• Committed to assisting others.
• Flexible, helpful and open-minded, with leadership skills
• adaptable to different working conditions
• creative skills