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Registration is quick and simple

Key information

When creating your tutoring profile at BUKI, you create your personal page that will help you promote your services and deliver just the right information to thousands of your potential clients: your contact information, subjects you teach,preparation levels, pricing policy, preferable lesson locations and client reviews - all easily accessible at your personal page.

Pricing policy

With BUKI, you are your own boss so you get to decide and set desired price policies for the subjects that you teach. BUKI audience is constantly looking for both affordable and niche tutors, opening many opportunities for our tutors across whole country. Your earning are solely reliant upon your desire to work and accept new tutoring requests.


We use advanced technology to protect your personal information such as details about you and your personal contact details. Upon creating a tutor profile at BUKI you should be rest reassured that your information is safe, secure and protected by SSL certificates. All payments on our platform are processed by secure payment gateways to ensure credit/debit card details safety and non-accessibility by anyone.

One account - thousands of clients

Teach in person

Everyday thousands of our visitors use BUKI to find their individual tutor to learn in person. When creating a profile with us, you receive advanced marketing tool in your hands that enables you present your services in front of thousands of people who are looking for a tutor just like you. Create your free profile today and concentrate on tutoring, while we take care of everything else.

Online tutoring

Today, online lessons have become more and more popular and the most demanded form of tutoring by our clients and,now, you have a chance to become a part of this trend. Create your free account with us and receive tutoring requests for online lessons, optimize your schedule and earn more by saving time and money cutting transportation costs.

Earn with BUKI

BUKI provides stable flow of new clients and tutoring requests for you. Anyone can join BUKI - if you believe that your skills and knowledge may be useful to others. Prove your professionalism by teaching and collecting reviews from your students and, also, upload your documents that support your experience and education.

In order to start earning, simply register your free profile, fill out information about yourself, your services and start accepting tuition requests from students in your city or from all over the country.

How do I start earning with BUKI?

Create your free account and fill out profile information(subjects, preparation levels, location for lessons). Registration only takes about 10 minutes and your profile will go live within 36 hours, after one of our managers would have check your profile to make sure that it is of a high standard.

Can I become a tutor?

Anyone can become a tutor with BUKI. If you believe that your skills and knowledge can be shared with others - feel free to register. All tutors must be over 18 years old and eligible to work.

Where do I have to teach? Online or Onsite( offline / face to face)?

Our platform enables people to search for both online and offline tuition. Choose a suitable type for yourself and start teaching or you choose to teach both online and offline to maximize your reach.

How BUKI can help me attract new students?

Every month, more than 200,000 people visit our marketplace to find their individual tutor. Registering as a tutor with BUKI allows you to be in front of visitors eyes who are looking for a tutor. Everyday we work hard to optimize and further advance our platform as well as putting in substantial amount of resources into marketing, what gives you a constant rise in monthly visitors looking for tuition services.

How will I get paid?

Your student pays directly to you by any means preferable for both sides.