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Hello, my Dear Students, My name is Olga. I am Russian native speaker. I've been a language junkie all my life and a couple of years ago I fell in love with teaching.If you by any chance need help with Russian, hit me up, anyone is welcome! :) I am here to share my passion for helping others learn and succeed!:-) It normally comes difficult to me to describe myself, however open-mindedness, organization, curiosity and patience are qualities that I believe to possess and to always bring with me in my lessons! Having undergone the uneasy path of studying a foreign languages myself, I personally relate to the difficulties than you might encounter on the way to fluency in a language and I will always be there to help and motivate. I know that learning Russian might be challenging but I always pay a lot of attention to my students` interests, profession and purposes. That`s why my lessons are always interesting and no one is bored. I do my best teaching process will not be boring but interesting. I am sure that just interesting things can be catchy! I always create friendly and positive atmosphere so that student could enjoy the learning process. I work both with beginners and advanced learners. No matter what your level is, I will help to expand your vocabulary, improve grammar and verbal skills . We can practise speaking on any topic you're interested in. After each lesson I make flashcards for you so that you could review the lesson's vocabulary So, if is it easy to study Russian? To answer this question and to see how it works, just book a lesson with me!:-)


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