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Англійська мова


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Шкільна програма 5-9 класи

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Would you like easy access to a native speaker from the United States? Perfect! Send me a request and I will be happy to help. I specialize in conversational English. More specifically, a communicative approach and/or with questions/pre-lesson research. I will give you precise and friendly feedback on the mistakes that you make. Be ready to converse! It's that simple. Meet me with an open mind and something to say and I will do my best to help you explain yourself.

I also want to make it clear that I'm not a conventional or old fashioned teacher.

I also want to help with -

Making you think, changing minds in a positive way. Providing some inspiration and increasing self confidence with your language learning.

Finding something that you WANT to talk about. After all, language is simply a way of sharing information.

Don't make a request if you don't have the ability to be an independent learner! You have the power of thought, so what are you lacking? :)

I always do my best to give you a good experience and I will do my best to cater for your needs.

Unfortunately, as of now i can only do Skype lessons, although i can still guarantee the same level of learning!



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