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BUKI is modern

BUKI is a smart way to get connected with top tutors in Ukraine. Just in couple of minutes you will be able to find a suitable teacher for any pursued goal - absolutely for free, and start studying as soon as the next day since the initial contact with the tutor.

BUKI is safe

Our platform is using our unique technological algorithms to ensure the most accurate matching process to your unique request and, at the same time, stay absolutely safe for our users and their personal data.


We have more than 10000 tutors, 120 subjects spread across 740 localities of Ukraine. All tutors are ranked by our rating system, tutors experience, subject knowledge, and many other parameters that are used to ensure that the chosen tutor delivers high quality tutoring services to meet your set targets.


Finding the right tutor was never easier than with BUKI. Simply select your prefered subject, location,suitable price category and our smart algorithms will bring you the most suitable tutors available. If you want some special care, you can always submit quick request by filling out a form or by calling us and we will find a suitable tutur for you.


Everyone pursues different goals when searching for a tutor, so we recommend to carefully screen your search results to find the most suitable option for you. We insist that you carefully check the detailed description of the tutors of your choice to ensure the best results.

Negotiate and meet

When you’ve finalized your decision, you should send a quick message to your chosen tutor via our platform. Within 24 hours, your chosen tutor or our manager (if necessary to get more details) will contact you.

This is BUKI

BUKI is the most convenient and absolutely free way to find nearby or online tutors for any goal. You pay directly to your chosen tutor and it won’t take long before you are going to see desired results soon.


Ірина - найкрутіший педагог всіх часів і народів! Хочу поділитися своїми враженнями від занять з реп...

- Роксолана

З даним репетитором моя дочка, учениця 7-го класу, займалася близько двох місяців. Планували вступат...

- Марина

Все как должно быть, баллы ребенок подтянул, родители довольны. Оценки стали выше на 2 балла, сын св...

- Надія

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